Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Service Center hours of operation?

Our standard hours of operation are 8:00am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

How do I turn on the $5 bill acceptance?

The MagPro requires turning on the #6 switch on the circuit board. The BillPro can be programmed using the anti-cheat levers (see the service manual). The Vantage can be programmed using the service mode switch (see the service manual).

I have my $5 turned on and it still won’t take $5.

Your bill acceptor is most likely older than 2005 when the software was installed because the new $5 bill did not come out until 2005. Any unit built after the 39th week in 2003 can have a software upgrade to take the new $5. The exception would be if you have an older unit that has been worked on by Coin Acceptors may have an upgraded board..

Why doesn’t my Bill Acceptor accept new bills?

The older bill acceptors may not be programmed for the new bill. When the acceptors were manufactured, the new bills were not in circulation yet so were not tuned for them. Most of the older bill acceptors can be updated by downloading new software. Please contact your nearest Coin Acceptors Service Center for details.

How do I set the bill acceptor denominations?

Many operational questions regarding settings, par levels, etc. can be found in the product manuals under the Resources tab of our website.

If I send a piece of equipment in for a repair and nothing is wrong with it, am I still charged for the repair?

No, we have a clean and test repair charge that is significantly less than a normal repair charge.

How can I change payout tubes?

Please refer to the Product Manuals found under the Resource tab on our website.

Does Coin Acceptors service payment systems from other manufacturers in addition to Coinco?

At this time, Coin Acceptors only services Coinco payment systems

Does your service center offer an Exchange Program?

Check with the service center nearest to you.

How long does it take to repair my equipment?

48 hours is a typical turn-around time for 1-3 pieces.

What are my payment options?

We accept a wide variety of payment options including cash, credit, and checks.

What information should I include in my shipment?

Please include sender’s name, address and phone number.

How do I send my unit in for repair?

Contact your service center branch location to determine the best way to ship your product(s). Depending on your location and shipment quantity, we offer the Easy Tote Program or can pick up the units at your location.

What part of the Bill Acceptor do I need to send in for repair?

The entire Bill Acceptor must be sent in for repair. All Bill Acceptors are mounted with 4 screws, secured with a nut on each end of the screw. This allows the Bill Acceptors to be removed from your machine. With your machine turned off, disconnect the power harness to the Bill Acceptor. If you find yourself taking something apart on the Bill Acceptor, you are doing something wrong. After removing the Bill Acceptor from your machine, it should weigh about 3-5 lbs, depending on the model. Again, you only need to unplug the harness and should not have to disassemble anything.

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, we sell basic wear-and-tear parts such as belts, tire kits, and coin tubes. Please contact one of our service centers for pricing and availability.

Will I get back the same unit that I sent in?

Yes, we will service the actual unit sent to us. If the unit is not repairable or has extensive damage, we will contact you.

How do I change the coin tube configuration?

To change the coin tube configuration, please refer to the product manual which can be found under the Resources tab of our website.

Can I purchase new equipment from Coin Acceptors?

While Coin Acceptors does sell reconditioned equipment, we do not sell new equipment. Please contact Coinco-SuzoHapp at

Are on-site service calls available?

No, all equipment must be dropped off or shipped to a service center, or picked up by one of our Customer Service Representative.

How do I program a bill acceptor to accept coupons?

The MagPro and BillPro bill acceptors require a small handheld field programmer. Contact your nearest Coin Acceptors Service Center for details and availability. The Vantage Bill Acceptor can be programmed via the menu. See the service manual for details.

How many coins do I need in the coin changer to enable the bill acceptor?

It depends on the vend price, but 10 coins in each tube will enable the bill acceptor in most cases.

What is MDB?

MDB means Multi Drop Bus and is the industry standard interface for vending machines developed by Coin Acceptors.

What is the warranty on repaired products?

Please contact your nearest Coin Acceptors Service Center for details.

Can coin changers be programmed to accept tokens?

Most coin changers can be programmed to accept token. Contact your service center for details.

Does Coin Acceptors sell tokens?

No, there are companies that specialize in the manufacturing of generic and custom tokens.

Do you offer a pickup service for repairs?

Yes, please contact your nearest Coin Acceptors Service Center to schedule a pickup.