What Is Our Repair Process?

Coin Acceptors is proud to have been chosen as the exclusive authorized service provider for Coinco payment systems by the manufacturer of Coinco products, SuzoHapp.

This means Coin Acceptors is authorized to provide Manufacturer Warranty Repairs on your Coinco payment systems covered under the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Receiving Process

When a Coinco product is sent in for repairs, Coin Acceptors scans the Manufacturers Serial Number of each unit, which enters the unit into our master database and determines whether the unit is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It also notifies us if the unit was previously serviced by Coin Acceptors and still covered under our repair warranty.

Repair Process

  • All units receive a full cleaning and inspection of parts for wear and/or damage.
  • Repairs are completed using genuine Coinco parts.
  • Service technicians use proprietary software to recalibrate units to factory specifications and update units with the latest version operating software.
  • Custom built testers that simulate real world conditions are used throughout the repair process.
  • Coin Acceptors national network of company owned and operated service centers use consistent processes and procedures which have been proven to produce quality repairs and service year after year.
  • Once your equipment is repaired, it is inspected and tested again by a quality control technician to ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance.